Album update

Submitted by baristosun on Mon, 05/27/2013 - 23:49

So our four week retreat to the nest of a farm house in Mugla, Turkey is over. Having put in a hell of a final shift (working all night to 6am before packing our things and leaving) Dominic is now well on his way to Beograd and I've returned to Austria with 9 tracks of an album awaiting polish before release.

If all things go well we'll release the tracks in the next 4-8 weeks, with a teaser release in the meantime, to whet various appetites.

It's been a great experience, one I've learned a lot from, and I can't wait to do it all again for album number two (though with whom and when are yet to be determined).

The studio in Turkey is shaping up nicely. The next project won't require much more than a day of set up time before work can begin, and I'm so much more familiar with the nuances of both the equipment and of living in the middle of (almost) nowhere.

As you might expect I'll announce theĀ  album's launch in a blog post, but for those of you who are that way inclined, here's the Facebook page.

Meanwhile, I've returned to Austria and am on the hunt for work, it's difficult returning to a normal existence after having lived a blissful, healthy life style following creative pursuits for a month.

But there you go...