iBook G4 for my living room, iPad for my gratification

Submitted by baristosun on Tue, 11/30/2010 - 08:13

I've been using my sister's old iBook G4 laptop in my living room (and while my TV can handle 1024x768, it's better for my eyes to set it to 800x600). I like using a computer in the comfort of my living room, wireless keyboard and mouse and all. I seem to find it easier to focus on a given task compared to sitting at my desktop machine (27" iMac - of which I'm proud). though that could just be the effect of a lower resolution. It's also nice to be able to sink into an armchair instead of having to sit up right at my desk.

I've just shared my iTunes library from my main computer (27" iMac - of which I'm proud) and am listening accessing it in my living room, I'll need to get a more powerful router at some point, but this is a fun project that will keep me occupied over Christmas. It's brilliant what a Mac (or to be fair, any Personal Computer) can do on it's own, but when you have several in your house it can really keep you entertained :)

I have been thinking about getting an iPad again, I sold my last one when multitasking was introduced on the iPhone - knowing how I COULD be using my device and that I COULDN'T use it that way for months was too frustrating. But now iOS 4.2 has been released and it brings a host of new features with it (including the all important multitasking). A lot has happened in the iPad world over the year; popular app developers have rewritten their offerings to take advantage of the bigger screen, publishing houses have tested its potential as a magazine delivery format (Reader's Digest is absolutely free) and more. It's still a platform that's yet to mature, and there are even rumours of an upcoming product update, but I still think that at ~£429 it's a luxury device (for me at least). I'm keeping my eye out on shopping sites for a drop to around £300 before I get myself a new one...