I once proclaimed that "I'm going to record an album every year until I die". That was in the year paperwallpaper was released (2013). I failed in my goal the very next year.

Though possible, recording an album every year is unrealistic without drastic lifestyle changes. Unprepared to make further lifestyle changes, I altered my original statement to something much more achievable: 'an album every 2 years!'. Failed that too.

It's no surprise to me now that I made such a statement after working on my first album. To say that I want to relive it again and again sums up how much the whole experience meant to me.

With that said, here is my list of more attainable musical goals for 2017:

  • Record the improvised (stoner rock) jam night once a month for at least 10 more months.
  • Release a 'best of' compilation album of the best material in all the jams.
  • Work with M.C. Angebot on the demo/EP/Album - some time this year.