song for pomegranates - single released today

Submitted by baristosun on Sun, 08/18/2013 - 13:34

Song for pomegranates, the first single from paper wallpaper's debut album has been released today on Bandcamp. The Song was written in England (Oxford and Brighton) and recorded in Sound Farm Studios in Turkey this summer. The bandcamp artist page, which can be found here, also includes a bonus B-side track remixed by DJ Triple M.

Rather than writing my own message to thank people individually for their help (which I'll save for the album release post), I'll just copy/paste the credits on Bandcamp:

song for pomegranates

Dominic Remmerswaal - lyrics, guitar, vocals, co-producer
Patricia Corredor - backing vocals, moral support
Baris Tosun - additional instruments, mastering, producer
Alex Matthews - violin, prancing
Amylin Loglisci - single cover design

the wayfaring stranger (Triple M studio edit)

Lyrics - unknown
Dominic Remmerswaal - guitar, vocals
Triple M - remixing, co-producer
Baris Tosun - mastering, producer

How to get the songs

The songs are available on a pay what you like basis, yes, that means you can 'buy them' for free. You can get either song individually or get both songs by acquiring the whole album, here are the links:

Also, for those of you who are that way inclined, here's the paper wallpaper facebook page.