2020 Jam Session Dates Announced

I recently restarted The Stoner Rock Jam Collective and our jam sessions with the support of Peter, owner of T-On studios. We met on the weekend and discussed plans for the year. The sessions have a great vibe and are already quite popular among participants, but the whole concept is still in its adolescence and we want to continue improving them.

One simple improvement is regularity, I think it's useful to know the dates in advance, so here are the next four dates, until the summer break: 14th March 18th April 16th May 27th June

In the recent past, we’ve discussed getting an audio/video feed of the sessions in the chill-out area downstairs. I think it's a cool way of keeping everyone connected even when they're taking a break. This will be ready by the next session. I also want to get a headphone mix for the drummer - I think that will go a long way to preventing the scenario where everyone (the guitarists) continues to dial the volume up until it's deafening - that ruins the sound quality and recording quality fast.

Put the dates in your calendar and spread the word. Meanwhile, we’re putting together a video of the last session, I’ll upload it on YouTube when it’s ready, and post it here too.

The Stoner Rock Jam Collective is something I started with the intention of learning how to mic up and record a live band. It grew into it's own thing and now we do it for fun. Recording has remained an important part of that goal, and having the support of T-On studio owner Peter Cebul means the uality of recording equipment has improved dramatically.

The sessions are open to everyone, you don't even have to be a musician, since you can just sit in the room (or the chill out area) and listen.

The facebook group can be found here.