A quick update

We are entering the fifth week of lock down here in Austria. It's a very interesting time in the world right now. I do not expect things to return to the old normal after this - I believe the world has changed forever.

We're all struggling to cope with a new normality now. Going to the shops with masks on, working from home, meeting people socially using Zoom, Houseparty or similar app. It's all strange and unfamiliar.

My wife and I went to the park just outside our house to sit in the sun yesterday. Nice as it was to be out of the house, the sun was too hot and there were not many places where we could sit in the shade, so we came back home.

I finally released my album - I put it on Bandcamp and in the end I went with CDBaby for the digital distribution side of things. I'm glad that it's finally off my back, I can free my mind again for other musical projects.

In other hobby news, I finally got the chance to test my new keyboard prototype: the Tsuka60. It's my second attempt at a PCB for this layout - the first one had some limitations which I improved. If this one works without issue, then I might just run my own group buy - I'm getting pretty good at soldering these things together.

My hot air reflow station broke down a few weeks after I bought it. It's too late to return it now - that happened months and months ago - but it was cheap enough that think I can take the hit and buy a new one. Now I know how useful they can be, I'm incentivised to invest in a better quality one that won't fail on me!