Album cover reveal

The designer who likes music Several months ago I spoke to graphic designer, friend and former colleague Marko Laitinen, about the artwork for the album. Marko likes music a lot and was interested, but he wanted to hear the tracks before committing to the project. I only had rehearsal demos at the time so I sent those. It was enough for him to commit to the project.

On to the brief

The songs were written almost 20 years ago, largely influenced by music that was released before. I wanted that to be clear. Photography was a must, with an analogue look and feel. I also wanted the cover image to either remind the listener of the album name, the songs, or be in some way thought provoking, or all of the above.

We went through some galleries he had prepared after the initial brief. I think that was the only other feedback round we did. A few days later he sent me this picture of some flowers behind bubble wrap and was like: “this is the direction I’m thinking of going, before I go on, what did I think?”

We had discussed themes in the album: the transitioning from from teenager into adult; the loss of innocence; the over-protection of parents - typical themes of the genre. This image captured that and more. The more I reflected on it, the more right it felt. I loved it and told him he didn’t need to take any further shots. This was it, this was the cover of Merry Melancholy.

And here it is.

Merry Melancholy, my upcoming album, will be available to stream and buy on the 29th of February. Watch this space for more information.

Marko has an instagram account where he posts his own photography, I like his style - you can find him under @marko_laitinen