Faraway Studio

This summer I've invited a few friends over to Mugla/Turkey to set-up a new project studio. After a period of studio preparation we plan on a phase of song-writing followed by recording, mixing and finally producing sessions - all in the space of 16 days.

Nothing ever goes according to plan

...so I'm not expecting anything more than to have a good time setting the space up and recording some interesting sounds and music. Also I'm looking forward to spending a holiday in Turkey with friends. There are a couple of beckoning beaches nearby and the weather will be great during our excursion.

This summer's project will be a good experiment into the viability of recording abroad as an alternative option for UK (read: London) based bands. The running costs in Turkey are lower than they are in the UK, electricity is cheap(er), the weather is plenty desirable and if - as in our case - the location is right, you can be secluded from distraction - a vital element for focusing on any kind of activity, if not more so with creative pursuits.

It will be a learning experience for many reasons, and a step towards a bridge between the UK and Turkey, for any talented and industrious artists seeking an affordable location allowing their talents to blossom.