Final Remixes

I recently sent my album to Chris Graham for mastering. One of the many reasons I go to Chris, is the free mix feedback he offers as part of his mastering service.

Someone in his team (Brian on this occasion) will listen to every track of the album, and record a video of the feedback. They’ve done thousands of these (and work in professionally treated environments), so they can really quickly hone in to mix issues much quicker than us bedroom producers can. I think 30 minutes of expert feedback on each of your tracks before pushing that big red button to get it mastered is great value.

As always, the feedback was invaluable, a few things were highlighted that I had the chance to fix before committing to the final masters. Early this morning I uploaded remixes for mastering. I’m very, very pleased with how the songs sound. We had a style in mind when recording this album and I think we achieved that here.

Watch this space for teasers!

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