Istanbul Constantinople

I handed in my notice at Badoo at the turn of the year. It's been over three weeks since I've been unemployed and I'm just beginning to adjust to the change.

My friends at CFT Financials are setting up a course for training traders in partnership with a leading commerce university in Istanbul, Turkey. They've invited me along to consult in the project. I'm relishing the opportunity to work closely with my contacts in the Turkish community (not to mention the joy of working with Paul again).

In the height of summer, Istanbul has that humid Mediterranean heat, not many people realise that the country accommodates a bitter winter too. We're flying into a city where just last week the temperature frequently dipped to below-zero and it hardly stopped snowing. Despite four lanes of traffic throughout the city (made up largely of the local yellow taxis) the roads are constantly packed with vehicles. It's a city bustling with people and brimming with history, culture and opportunity.

Today's seminar follows last week's press conference, in which the agreement between CFT Financials and Istanbul Commerce University was officially signed. Many of Turkey's leading businesses will attend, accompanied by packs of journalists from all the major indigenous news outlets.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, it's the start of something new for Turkish commerce, for my friends at CFT Financials, for me.

Istanbul here I come!