Magical Christmas

This time last year my sister and I were playing a few rounds of magic: the gathering with our starter decks while waiting for my aunt to cook the Christmas turkey, this year my sister and I are cooking the Christmas turkey (plus trimmings) while waiting for dinner to be over so we can play magic with our new and improved decks.

Last year, when I delved back into the wonderful (and at times costly) world of magic: the gathering, I had one very clear deck idea in mind: a deck that would fully utilise the strengths of the Relentless Rats.

My approach to this deck, which I named Infestation, was different (as far as I could tell) to previous incarnations of 'rats decks simply because it was focused more on control. The primary strategy was to use successive rats as a defensive wall until eventually casting one of four whispersilk cloaks (equipment, shroud, unblockable) on one of the rats to slip through defences and cause much +1/+1 damage. I peppered the deck with some usual suspects: 4x Royal Assassins to aid in defence, 4x Drudge Skeletons for early turn creatures, 4x Bone Splinters for cheap creature removal and 4x Bloodchief Ascension to get those dead rats back from the graveyard to your hand.

The deck is fun and the tactic works smoothly almost every time, with the addition of a few big spells to help overcome the occasional stalemate situation the deck became as powerful as I think a standard Relentless Rats deck can get.

So a few months have passed and with the arrival of M11, my deck has become outdated (Drudge Skeletons and Bone Splinters have been cycled out). I'm returning to the deck, of which I'm so proud, with the aim of making it compliant with the standard environment - now that Jund has cycled out I fancy it's chances in a local tournament (I'm not counting on it!).

Here's the deck on my mtgvault account, enjoy.