Merry Melancholy sent for mastering

In the last 7 years, I have recorded and produced 2 albums, 1 EP and various individual songs - all for other artists. Now finally, nearly 2 decades after I wrote my first song, I finished my own album. I feel SO GOOD right now!

The songs were uploaded for mastering (to Chris Graham Mastering - that's his profile pic you see) and will be available as soon as the mastering process is complete - I'll post updates in the relevant places when it's 'out'. For now, some background.

The songs and music on Merry Melancholy were heavily inspired by what I was listening to at that time - Radiohead and Nirvana, with a side of Zepellin and Hendrix. I wanted the sound to reflect the grungey side of those influences. That's why we recorded the whole band together in a room - nearly 20 microphones (all ours) recording simultaneously - I wouldn't have it any other way for this kind of project.

The album cover was designed by Marko Laitinen - the brief was simple: I wanted something that would fit the era from which it was inspired (late '90s early, 'naughties), we went through a process of narrowing the influences and he pretty much nailed it with his first photo - thank you Marko!

As with many of my productions, I lean on my musically inclined friends for support and inclusion. Thank you for all of your contributions, both musically and psychologically.

I will post again when the material is available to hear.