Music in the West(end)

We (Marjorie's Dead) performed an open mic gig at Caffe Concerto in the westfield's centre. Boy what a night, the standard was high all round.

Playing open mic gigs can be highly unpredictable affairs, there are such a wide variety of approaches. This was one of the not-so-common 'performers of a high standard playing to a crowd of people dining in a fancy Italian restaurant' kind.

Daniel, the pianist host, has a firm but unobtrusive handle on the event and it's participants. You can just imagine a young Jools Holland being as diplomatic while shrewd.

Performer experience varied, but the talent was consistently high - there were awkward emerging talents as well as experienced show-boaters - everybody entertained. There were equally a large number of people in the audience who had heard about it the event and were there to scope it out before applying - Daniel's done a great job of building a reputation of this night.

We've been invited back to perform in March