The Wingman Cometh?

I recently posted this reply to an old topic on Logitech's forum. It was prompted after I recently bought a new mouse (I already have about 8 input devices, but left the one usually travel with in London on my last flight to Istanbul) and every time I shop for new ones I start by looking for something that resembles the original Logitech Wingman Gaming Mouse. Always to no avail.

On this occasion I came across the new Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse, and it occurred to me that with multi-touch technology in production (as it is), it's entirely possible for Logitech to revive the Wingman Gaming Mouse, albeit with the inclusion of scrolling functionality that some people have attributed to it's discontinuation.

I would certainly buy such a product, even if it means paying a few times more than the £5 I paid for my original one some years ago. I imagine there are people out there that feel the same way. I just don't know if it's enough to warrant the development of a 'new' product.