Music production

I am a producer, studio engineer, musician.

I constructed a project studio in the Turkish mountains, this album was made there: Paper Wallpaper.

I now live in Vienna where I was involved in the following music productions:

Spending weeks of uninterrupted time in my studio is how I developed most of my technical skills. I grew up around people so I know when it calls to be sensitive and when it's time to crack open a beer and celebrate. I learned to balance focused, driven work with quality time with companions (read: band mates).

So I have the necessary skills to handle either an ambitious project, a sensitive personality or a room filling ego (or all of the above), while being able to deliver outstanding recordings and a well-produced song or album.

Production is a hobby which takes up my free time, so I only want to work on projects that I care about. My approach is to capture the feeling of the performance, to enhance it and communicate it to listeners.

My musical taste and knowledge is broad. I can hear songs in ways that you might not expect. I've worked with barebones ideas to bring them to life, I've supported artists who have clear musical ideas, I've helped musicians who are stuck in dead ends find their paths again. I'm always the first to say if something sounds terrible. Honesty and dedication to the goal is what I'm about in the studio.